ARTIEST: God Module

Uit: Orlando, Florida - Amerika

God Module is a pure electronic musical project from Orlando Florida, formed in 1998. Drawing influences from a variety of electronic and traditional styles of music, God Module combines harsh synthetic rhythm structures and pounding beats, with an unexpectedly melodic style of programming. Resulting in a sound that is as catchy as it is aggressive.
After several compilation appearances the band signed soon to Inception Records, who released the debut God Module CD "Artificial", which received rave reviews in the underground media throughout the world. The release of the CD in North America was quickly followed by a release in Germany thus unleashing God Module on the unsuspecting European scene.
After numerous live shows throughout the United States, playing with bands such as Apoptygma Berzerk, Decoded Feedback, Clear Vision, Cut. Rate. Box, etc. , the band also has a high credibility as re-mixers for numerous electro bands .
God Module have now released their follow up : The "Perception" EP will be released by their new USA label Sector 9 as well as their new European label Out of Line. ( VNV Nation, Covenant )
This release will serve as the predecessor to the new full length God Module release entitled "Empath", which will appear in 2003.



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