Festival: Mystic Garden Festival ADE 2019


Mystic Garden Festival ADE 2019

Amsterdam, Nederland

Here, everything is made of magic…

It begins as the sound of far-off music echoing through the woods, the drums lightly beating and the violin tune... the light at the heart of the forest calls you towards it! This October at Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 the Mystic Garden invites those who hear her enchanted call to step through her Garden Gates for an unforgettable experience- an enchanted world brimming with magical creatures and music. The Mystic Garden joins forces with Dockyard in an unprecedented marriage of light and dark- industrial v.s. fairyland! This coming ADE you can walk through the Golden Gates of the Mystic Garden and be a part of Dockyard’s thunderous, industrial dystopia all in the same day. ♥

Bevestigde artiesten

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Navigate to the following address:

By car
Galwin 6, Amsterdam. From there, you need to follow the yellow parking signs.
You can park your car close to the festival site. Parking tickets will be available online for €15, on location also €15.

Pendle busses
We will have pendle busses running between Station Sloterdijk and the Festival terrain on the day of the event from 10:30 in the morning till all of our guests have left the event site. The ride takes about 5 minutes.
Pendle bus tickets are available for €5 online and at the busses themselves. These tickets are good for a round trip.

By bike
For those of you choosing to come by bike (in traditional Dutch style!), we have a parking area specifically for bikes near the entrance of the event. This area will be clearly marked, so please respect the boundaries of the parking terrain. Bikes parked outside of this area will be removed by the government of Amsterdam.

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Min: 10,6 ℃
Max: 14,2 ℃