Moe Greene Specials

België    Genre(s): Rock - surf rock Rock - garage rock

Founded in the summer of 2000 when Kristof Janssens (rhythm & lead guitar) en Gert Herrijgers (bass) started playing old surftunes in their garage. Quickly the idea emerged to form a complete instrumental surfrock band, and when Koen Van Loon (trumpet) and Peter Lodiers (lead & rhythm guitar) joined in, this idea became more real with every rehearsal. The line-up was finally completed in September 2001 when Sven Greefs (tenor sax) and Stefan Degueldre (drums) joined the band.

Influences vary from Calexico-style desert songs and Stax soul, to mellow easytunes and the immortal surfclassics by Dick Dale et les autres.

The Moe Greene Specials named themselves after the bullet-through-the-eye-way of getting rid of your enemies used by the mobster crew of The Sopranos, who in turn got the term from Francis Ford Coppola's "The Godfather", in which the character Moe Greene gets killed in this fashion.

A first demo-cd ("God Bless The Moe Greene Specials") was recorded around Christmas 2001 and contained five songs, three of their own ("Sacramento", "Malibu Rendez-Vous" and "Santo Trafficante") and two covers, "Malaguena" by Ernesto Lecuona and "Spunky" by Johnny Jenkins.

OUDE OPTREDENS VAN Moe Greene Specials

  • 27 mei
  • 15 okt `05
  • 25 - 27   aug
  • 25 - 26   apr
  • 12 - 14   jul


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OUDE OPTREDENS VAN Moe Greene Specials