Question Mark

Uit: Zeewolde - Nederland

Summer 2007 was a time of change for Dave, Martin and Timothy, who had recently quit their old band I Own You Nothing after 2 years of playing and a lot of line-up changes. That’s when they decided to take on music more seriously and the old band-name didn’t cover it anymore. So the band name was changed to Question Mark, and that’s where it all began for the Hardcore-Punkers from Zeewolde, Netherlands.

The band started writing new songs, and discovered that hardcore punk, combined with conscious lyrics was what they sought in music. After writing some new songs, the band got on stage again, and played numerous gigs, and got great reactions. So they decided to record an EP with 5 new songs, It was called “Amplified Energy” which came out January 2008.

After Amplified Energy, they played more shows, and reactions were still great, and the switch of instruments between Dave and Martin kept the shows fresh, new and energetic. After playing a lot of shows, and writing a lot of new songs, the band decided to record all the songs they’ve tried out live and wrote back at home.

Those were the best, energetic and critical songs they’ve ever written and it felt right to do so. The band started recording “My core” in October 2008 and Finished it in December. The record contains 16 fresh, new songs by Question Mark and 4 songs redone from the EP. Now they are ready to conquer the stages of the world be sure you don’t miss that energetic, fast and unique live performance, they are Question Mark!!


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  • 12 dec `09


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