Rollercoaster 23

Nederland    Genre(s): Folk/Wereldmuziek - celtic

Drawing on inspirations from such diverse sources as
Ambient and Celtic music and 80´s stuff, the band has formulated
a sound that is strange and wonderful at the same
time. The keyboard signatures and tight, cold drum
beats are all here in abundance, as is Rene de Vries'
fragile and unmistakable voice holding it all
together and then letting the music take over again.

It's like a memory of a good time, you take the best
elements and mix it with what is happening right now,
and get the best of both worlds. POP!!!

OUDE OPTREDENS VAN Rollercoaster 23

  • 22 apr
  • 14 - 17   aug
  • 25 - 27   jul
  • 11 - 12   jul
  • 04 - 05   jul
  • 05 apr
  • 08 jan


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OUDE OPTREDENS VAN Rollercoaster 23

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