Frederic Galliano


DJ since 1992, producer since 1996 on F Communications and creator of his own label since 1998, Galliano always lived in Valence in the south of France.

With his two first albums « Espaces Baroques » and « Lives Infinis » released on F Communications, he turned his search to the links between electronic music, jazz, African culture and different creative concepts. Since then, Galliano has a very personal work attitude, far away from any fashion trends. With references such different as, art, philosophy, and many foreign cultures, Galliano stands on a singular position among the DJ’s producer scene.

OUDE OPTREDENS VAN Frederic Galliano

  • 08 aug
  • 03 - 06   jul
  • 03 - 05   aug
  • 26 - 29   jun


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OUDE OPTREDENS VAN Frederic Galliano