ARTIEST: Zamballarana

Uit: Corsica - Frankrijk

Singers and/or musicians tied together by music and fiesta, skilful in the art of Corsican traditionnal singing.....or coming from differents musical worlds, original compositions and arrangements, taking up their breathing from the experience and inquisitiveness of their author, instruments, some tradtionnals (cetera, culumbu, pivana...) others not ...
The musicians and their music resemble the wind blowing over our island, a twisting wind coming from near and afar to caress and entice the poetry that we breathe in ....
Are we alive? Do we come from here?
From now? Song was already an answer,
is yet an other. With the Corsican culture, the earth and the sediments carried by the wind, they have brewed a warm and happy concoction. In its aftermath came the gesture that moves and stirs senses, sounds the very essence. So it is that the magic (infinitely rarer than talent itself) is the dancing hand which streches out and gatbers the fruit.
It is once again the hand that beats time, it is the curious and melancholic invitation to celebrate...fiesta of love whitch unites men and women in the haunting rhythms where laugther and heat away ; celebration which drawn with underlies our sometimes disenchanted appraisal tinged with superstition of the world ; celebration who leitmotif is humor, distance and self-derision but also the metaphore, trip and escape.


  • 12 - 17   aug
  • 30 - 06   jul


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