Angels & Agony

  • Baroeg Open Air 2013
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Nederland    Genre(s): Experimenteel - (new) wave

Angels & Agony was forged in the fall of 1995 by Reinier Kahle. After composing a number of distinctly dark electronic tracks he invited a friend over to sing his lyrics. Soon after, guitar player Erik Wierenga joined the band, adding a certain roughness to the live sound.
When the band met local dj Marco van Belle, he was invited to become manager. Three tapes were released, which were well received by various scene related magazines. In 1998 the singer left the band, and Erik and Marco suggested to Reinier that he should sing his own lyrics. Hesitantly he agreed and things moved forward. It was in this period of transition that Marco joined Erik and Reinier on stage as Angels & Agony's live keyboard player and backing vocalist, at the same time still exercising his role as the band's manager.
In 1999 the mcd 'Unity' was released on Aragon Records, produced by Axel Ermes, member of German darkwave legends Girls Under Glass and contributor to a.o. Wolfsheim, Project Pitchfork, Care Company and Trauma. This mcd was an enormous success, and received excellent reviews from The Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium and the US. 'Unity' featured the club hit 'One', various remixes of which appeared on a number of compilation cd's.
2000 was a good start for Angels & Agony, because they got a deal on Out Of Line Records, one of Germany's leading scene labels. After releasing the single 'Darkness', the full-length album 'Eternity' was released. Both releases were produced by long-time friend Ronan Harris of VNV Nation, one of the leading bands in the 'future pop' genre.
The lyrics of Angels & Agony deal with metaphysical, philosophical issues, visions distilled from Buddhism and Taoism, combined with intensely perceptive speculations on life and death. Although the music can be dark and melancholic, but still danceable with pumping beats and sequences, the songs have a very positive message.


  • 17 - 20   mei
  • 28 sep `19
  • 02 - 05   jun
  • 23 - 24   jul
  • 21 mei `16
  • 18 okt `13
  • 18 okt
  • 21 sep
  • 03 okt `08
  • 20 sep `08
  • 03 nov
  • 11 - 12   aug
  • 25 - 28   mei
  • 09 mrt `07
  • 27 mei
  • 11 feb
  • 29 okt
  • 13 - 16   mei
  • 13 - 15   aug
  • 06 dec
  • 27 okt
  • 26 - 27   jan
  • 01 jul


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