Festival: Funtime festival 2001


Funtime festival 2001

Leuven, België

Hardcore/Punk festival in Leuven, Belgie. Programma:

September, 29
11.00-11.25 GA SPORTLIFE (B) Young Kempen dudes playin' the oldskool
11.50-12.15 xKOMBATx (B)
12.35-13.05 AGAINST TIME (Nl) For all those who miss the early Undeclinable sound
13.30-14.00 FACE TOMORROW (Nl) Rotterdam emorock with a very Radioheadesque sound
14.20-14.50 A200 Club (B)
15.10-15.40 VICTIMS OF SOCIETY (B)
16.00-16.30 HOMER (B) Melancholic punkrock singalong anthems
17.00-17.35 DELUGE (Nl) One of Holland's most promising outfits, intense, complex and fast!
18.00-18.35 COURSE OF ACTION (B)
19.00-19.35 CIRCLE (B) Rocking hardcore with a heavy Graceland touch
20.00-20.40 NOT THAT STRAIGHT (B) Melodic heartcore heroes
21.05-21.50 LIAR (B)
22.10-23.00 IMBALANCE (Uk)

September, 30
11.00-11.25 GREY (B)
11.50-12.15 SEVERANCE (B) Brugge loco's, à la AFR
12.35-13.05 DEADBOLT (Nl) chaoscore, fronted by two madmen going insane
13.30-14.00 WÖLF (B) Rocking, convincing and melodic emopunk
14.20-14.50 OVERSIZED (B) a great mix of punkrock, emo and college rock, debut out on FT
15.10-15.40 BETWEEN THE LINES (B) Antwerp NY moshmayhem, split with ATG out on FT
16.00-16.30 CAST-DOWN (B) Superb Emo newskool
17.00-17.35 CORNFLAMES (B)
18.00-18.35 5 DAYS OFF (B) Iron Maiden on punkrock, premier leagueskatepunk
19.00-19.35 PN (B, split-cd presentation) Presenting their split cd, intense, passionate, heavy
20.00-20.45 AGAINST THE GRAIN (US)
21.15-22.00 WATERDOWN (Germany) intense mix of emo, hardcore and guitarrock with great vocals, new cd, out on Victory

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