Festival: Shadrakfest 2005


Shadrakfest 2005

Groningen, Nederland

Shakdrakfest has been set up to promote hardcore and metal music. To give these genres some more attention, we came up with the concept of Shadrakfest, a small hardcore and metal festival in the best club in town.
Shadrakfest is there for the fans and lovers of this kind of music, but also to give the people who normally visit shadrak a taste of the world of hardcore and metal.
This is the first edition of Shadrakfest, and we already have a great line-up with 4 bands from The Netherlands and 1 from Denmark.

Shadrakfest 2005 heeft al plaatsgevonden

Let op! Shadrakfest 2005 startte op vrijdag 13 mei 2005.
Dat is 5924 dagen geleden.

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