Rise Or Die Fest, Hot Edition

Door Paddo op 17 mei 2008 - 16:29 1 De Hot Edition van het Rise Or Die Fest komt weer met nieuwe namen naar buiten.

Zo zullen er onder andere SS Decontrol, Sworn Enemy, Have Heart, Verse, All Shall Perish, Final Prayer, Arkangel, To Kill, Shipwreck, Warbringer, Last Hope, Rafflesia en Superior te zien zijn in Essen.

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Avatar Marz667
za 17 mei 2008 16:30

Marz667 lekker hoor

Avatar Paddo
za 17 mei 2008 16:38

Paddo Tegelijk met Pukkelpop :(?

Avatar Gazzo
za 17 mei 2008 19:49

Gazzo alle bands staan ook op ieperfest hoor.


Avatar ehv-rockcity
za 17 mei 2008 19:53

ehv-rockcity " There is absolutely no truth to any speculation that SSD will be performing this summer or anytime in the foreseeable future. The fact is original vocalist David Spring "Springa" is assembling a band of hired guns to tour and rip off the public playing under the name SSD. Due to his selfish actions David Spring has officially been terminated from ALL association with the band SSD. His attempt to recreate SSD in 2008 is totally unacceptable and goes against everything the band stood for. I hope the public will not attend these shows despite the curiosity factor. It's not the REAL SSD and you'll be disappointed. It's a scam, rip-off and parody. It shouldn't surprise anybody that Springa would break ranks from the band because he was a mere passenger on a bus that gave him the best ride of his life and he can't figure out how to get back on the bus. Unfortunately his choice was the wrong choice which shouldn't surprise anybody who knows him.
There is no I in team but there is an I in INTEGRITY."

dit heeft SSD zelf gezegd, op hun my space...


Avatar CalibanFan
zo 18 mei 2008 19:37

CalibanFan lekkere namen

Avatar wastedrobin
zo 18 mei 2008 21:11

wastedrobin Have fucking heart!!



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