Festival: DEEP 2019


DEEP 2019

juillac, Frankrijk

Dive into your Essence & Ecstatic Potential

We're back for the third year on a row and DEEP 2019 will be celebrated at Chateau Laroque again.
A welcome place with all the things we need: our private space, silence and fun, good food, good company a swimmingpool with a great view.
Are you ready for a DEEP dive in the ocean of love?

And the good thing: you dont need to worry about the programme, cause there is no programme ;-)
We will deliver the program to you day by day, sometimes even hour by hour, completely tailored for the group and the needs of all. Surender to what will be given and just follow the bell.

A magical, global summer retreat with the joyful spirit of a festival, where we journey together as an intimate community.
Move with us through a vast range of experiences: from transformational workshops to concerts, sound healing, tantra, dance & creative expression, yoga, meditation, shamanism, sacred ceremonies, breath work and.... make a lasting transformation towards the most loving, joyful, authentic and playful life you can imagine!

Let’s meet in the D.E.E.P. this summer in France!

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Let op! DEEP 2019 startte op dinsdag 20 augustus 2019.
Dat is 216 dagen geleden.

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Château Laroque
33890 Juillac, Gironde