The Invitation 2005 is afgelast!

Door Marz667 op 16 januari 2005 - 11:52 Het was de bedoeling dat dit jaar in april het gebruikelijke 3 daagse festival The Invitation (Wave-Gothic-Electro Meeting) zou plaatsvinden in Belgie, maar helaas.

Dit terwijl er zelfs al namen als: Rosa Crux, Das Ich, In Strict Confidence, The Vision Bleak en In Slaughter Natives bekend waren gemaakt.

De organisatie geeft op haar website meer duidelijkheid:
The Invitation 2005 has been cancelled!
Several ongoing arguements with other organisations in Belgium have made it more and more unpleasant for us to continue doing this sort of work. Recent collisions with people from some of these organisations forced us to make this decision. We're no longer interested in organising an event like The Invitation 2005 in such circumstances. Obviously, this is not the only reason for cancelling the festival.

Belgian laws, environmental and safety regulations and taxes make it more and more difficult to organise such an event. On top of that, the artists themselves have become too expensive and their needs are more often than not very hard to satisfy. Also, the past has shown us that we don't have to expect much co-operation from Belgian magazines and media and that the audience simply doesn't care. However, these recent collisions were the last straw and still are the main reason behind our decision.
In short, we have had enough.

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