ARTIEST: Tactical Sekt


Anthony of Tactical Sekt has been called a pessimist. He has been called negative. Two labels with which he disagrees with. What Tactical Sekt will say is that it has become discontent with guile. It will not stand by and watch the world eat itself up with its desire to play the part of God and forcing nature's hand to create the monstrosity that is immortality or the "perfect" child. Playing with the power of the human gene. Sentencing our fellow men to death. Life is a puzzle and these abominations are the pieces that Tactical Sect wishes to loose.
Tactical Sekt is his way of shouting at the masses. It is his instrument of change. If this small voice is heard amidst the chaos then to him it is worth it.
Anthony started this project as a release not an escape. It has been a very eventful couple of years. The success of Aslan Faction has really been overwhelming. Tactical Sekt, he hopes, will compliment his work with Aslan Faction. It is an honest look into his mind.



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