Uit: Groningen - Nederland    Genre(s): Metal - grind/trash metal Metal - black metal

KATAFALK is a death/thrash metal band, dominated by brutal blastbeats and aggressive riffing. These components are brought together in very dynamic, well structured songs. Elements of death, thrash, grind and black metal can be heard, so the band's style can easily be summarized as extreme metal. KATAFALK is known for the explosive and intense live shows in which both the aggression of the music and the enthusiasm of the bandmembers play important roles.
In 2002 the band has signed a record deal with Cold Blood Industries. The first album, called 'Storm Of The Horde', came out on January 28th 2003. The album is available worldwide and large metal magazines like Rock Hard (D), Metallian (F) and Aardschok (NL) have written excellent reviews about the album. A major step in the history of KATAFALK, which is the reward for years of hard work and playing many live shows.
In 2001 a three-song cd was released which was received very well by metalfans all over the globe. Great reviews came from all over Europe.
That same year KATAFALK was invited by Dutch death metal giants God Dethroned to join them on their Dutch tour. This was a great experience for KATAFALK. The band became fairly well-known in The Netherlands. At the end of the tour the band was offered a record deal by Cold Blood Industries. KATAFALK has also done shows with bands like Sinister, Thanatos, Occult, Inhume and Hypnosia.
KATAFALK was founded in 1995. Since then the band has released two demos. The band has experienced some line-up changes, but the band got more mature as time passed on. Chris (guitars) is the only original member left. Pier Abe (guitars) has been part of KATAFALK since 2000. Michiel (drums) came in late 2001, Henk Jan (bass) in early 2002 and Niels (vocals) joined KATAFALK in late 2002.
With the international release of Storm Of The Horde, a new chapter in the book of KATAFALK has started.


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