• ScumBash 2015
    © Gertjan van der Loo
  • ScumBash 2015
    © Bart Notermans

In the mid-nineties, four blokes decided to form a band under the smogveil of Rotterdam, Punk capital of Holland. They played their Punk the old fashioned way, with a lot of spitting and cursing at anything that society thinks of as allright, which is not. They done a lot of gigs in the Rotterdam area and trough the years they expanded their territory troughout the Netherlands, playing With bands like Special Duties, SicK On the Bus and some of the local heroes like Funeral Dress and Antidote.
Then, somewhere back in '98, the unfortunate (and probably rainy) day came the drummer left the band, trading in the good old No Future Punk of Disturbance for a pshycobilly band as a secondhand wankmag.
Disturbance wasnít planning to give up, and sought out a new drummer. The drummer they found originated, as up to this day, from the Cenobites, another pshycobillyband from the muddy, beer drenched soil of the dutch underground scene.

Now Rob (Vocals), Dim (guitar), Joz (Bass) and Kiel (drums), are hitting the stage again with their songs any drunk punk (Or at least most of them) can shout along, proceeding with their Own way of making Punk; Loud, Proud and Without doubt.


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  • 27 feb `20
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  • 12 jan `19
  • 13 okt `18
  • 16 aug `18
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  • 20 apr `18
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