Festival: Awakenings Easter Sunday 2022


Awakenings Easter Sunday 2022

Amsterdam, Nederland

Awakenings Festival dat gehouden wordt op eerste paasdag in de Gashouder, Amsterdam.

Nieuwe datum verplaatst festival

Awakenings Easter Sunday stond eerder op zondag 12 april 2020 in onze agenda, maar werd verplaatst naar zondag 17 april 2022.

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Festival locaties

Dit festival wordt gehouden op locatie Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam. Bekijk hier al onze Westergasfabriek Amsterdam informatie op Podiuminfo.

Bevestigde artiesten

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We’ve built a special bike parking close to the event. Follow the signs and park your bike there. Bikes parked at other inconvenient places will be removed due to safety regulations. Don’t forget to take your bike home: the bike-parking will be removed shortly after the event and bikes that are still there will be cut loose.

Special bike deals
Awakenings in the Gashouder can easily be reached by bike. To make it even easier for you to bike to the Gashouder, we've already figured out where you can rent a bike. Below you can see where you can rent a bike and for what price:

Het Zwarte Fietsenplan
13 locations
Opening hours
Monday till Friday: 08:00 - 20:00
Saturday and Sunday: 09:00 - 19:00
Show the last info mail and get a 10% discount!

Public Transport
Plan your travel with 9292 and be aware that during holidays traveling schedules of public transport may be different from their regular schedules.

Overnachten na het festival?

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